Treatment 3 of 12 (7/19/2012)

Chemo treatment 2 was on July 5.   As I reported in the last update I expected that the side-effects (downtime due to fatigue and other issues) from this last treatment would subside on Sunday July 8.  My “plan” was to feel good beginning on Mon July 9 [smile – we need to have a plan for this stuff].

Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned.  The side-effects from this last treatment left me reeling and whirling through Thu July 12. I never imagined I’d have that much trouble from this.  It is scary how we can go from feeling good to feeling sick so fast.

And so now the reality of this process is beginning to become clear. It is an organic process, meaning we really don’t know how it will go from week to week.  There are many variables that need to be managed to help minimize the side effects and unfortunately I’m learning though the school of hard knocks. The good news is I’m a lot smarter for this treatment and I’m optimistic and hopeful that applying the lessons learned will minimize downtime this round!

Marlins Update: This past weekend was the final tournament for the Marlins and the Team honored their commitment to fill my trophy case. They won all five games they played and added a first place trophy to the collection. And I was lucky enough to be at all five games.  I was very proud and honored to accept a first place trophy along with the team. Congratulations Marlins on an excellent season! I can hardly wait until next year! GO MARLINS!!!

Golf Update: After a wonderful weekend of Marlins’ baseball I felt great!  And on Monday night I decided to play golf with the league. My round started out excellent. I hit a perfect drive, followed by an excellent 80 yard chip, then a “nearly in” 10 foot putt, and a tap-in for par!  My score seemed to steadily increase one stroke with each subsequent hole; but that didn’t matter.  The important thing is that I PLAYED GOLF!  That alone felt like a victory!  After golf we went to my house for some brats and Tigers baseball [thank you Connie and Alexis for preparing a delicious dinner].  And the Tigers obliged us with an excellent come-from-behind victory as well [thank you Tigers]!

Looking Forward: Today is treatment 3 of 12 AND it is the last treatment before our family vacation up north. Treatment 4 will be on August 9 which means I will have a couple weeks to enjoy between treatments [Yay – a break from chemo]. I’m really looking forward to this break and going up north with my family!

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement – they are truly appreciated!

Pray for rain and a break from this heat wave!

I pray that God bless you and shower you with his Love today and every day!

Love, Light, and Warmth to all!

Treatment 2 of 12 (7/5/12)

Today I’m getting treatment 2 of 12 (as I type this update).  The treatment starts out with an hour drive from Marshall to Ann Arbor.  When we arrive in Ann Arbor the first stop is for blood tests.  After the blood is drawn we check in for the infusion.  The treatment actually consists of several infusions over several hours.  Between waiting and infusions and a doctor visit we will spend eight hours in Ann Arbor today and hope to be riding home around 4:30pm

The side effects of chemotherapy are usually mild for most people but can be debilitating in rare cases. Luckily for me I’m in the mild category so far. The worst of the side effects I experienced was fatigue.  The Sunday following the first infusion was spent sleeping the entire day.  I suspect this treatment will probably result in similar side effects and therefore I’m planning on this Sunday to be a day of rest for me.

Sensitivity to cold is another side effect of the treatment I’m receiving.  You know how you feel if you touch ice for a prolonged period of time?  It’s not pleasant.  With this drug even touching cold for a short period of time is not pleasant. This means that I can’t drink cold drinks or eat cold foods and have to avoid touching cold things (frozen food, etc.). Luckily this cold sensitivity fades away in a few days following treatment.  Other side effects include tingling in hands and feet and digestion challenges.

Thank you Jesus for being with me today as I begin Treatment 2 of 12.  I know that you will bring healing through this therapy and I am thankful to all the care-givers assisting me in this fight.

Thank you LORD for bringing so many beautiful people into my life; including my family, friends, colleagues, and health care workers. They are each a blessing from you LORD. And I ask you LORD to please shower these people with your Love.  Shine upon them and their families today and everyday.