Glory and Praise to our God!

It’s been a while since my last post and I thought I might take a break from cooking and cleaning to reflect on the many Blessings in my life and to share my Thanksgiving with you, on this special Thanksgiving Day.

My last scans and blood work was done in February 2019 and my next appointment is scheduled for March 5, 2020.  I’m on an annual surveillance cadence and only have to do blood tests now (no more CT Scans). December 5, 2019 marks five years since my last operation; FIVE YEARS NED (NED = No Evidence of Disease)!

I am very thankful for being NED from stage 4 colon cancer. God has allowed me this additional time on earth and this truly was a most graceful gift from our Father in Heaven.

What am I most thankful for on this day? This is a rather easy question for me to answer. I’m most thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. For having this time to watch my family grow, learn, and Love. And for having such great friends. And for so many wonderful colleagues. I am VERY BLESSED to be been surrounded by so many beautiful and wonderful people!

And my Prayer on this Thanksgiving Day is that our Lord continue to guide me and help me to become a better servant for Him. I offer my mind, voice, hands, and heart to our Lord; and ask him to shape me as He wills.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! May our good Lord Bless you today and all your tomorrows! And may our time and deeds on this earth give Glory and Praise to our God; who alone gives Light to our days.

Happy Thanksgiving,