For 12/10/2020 Doctor Appointment with Dr. Jeremiah Schnoor MD.

Objective: Determine plan for working part time and next steps for recovering, including plan to complete paperwork needed for my salary coverage.


  1. Review updates (5 min)
  2. Discuss questions (20 min)
  3. Summarize next steps (5 min)


Updates on medicine, oxygen use, heartbeats per minute, fever, activity, questions

  1. Meds
    a. Vitamin D, C, Zink, Oregano Forte, COQ10
    b. Done with Zpack and Dex
  2. Oxygen
    a. Using 1 liter per min at night, sometimes during evening
    b. Tried sleeping one night without it (broken machine). 88 to 90% when awaken.
    c. Still experiencing pulse increase/oxygen depletion during exertion. E.g.
    i. After shaving & showering
    Was: pulse 110 bpm, Oxygen 80%, recovered to 85 bpm and 90% in 5 min after resting
    Today: pulse 101 bpm, Oxygen 89%, recovered to 85 bpm and 95% in 1 min after resting
    ii. Getting tea
    Today Pulse 95 bpm, Oxygen 85%, recovered to 78 bpm and 93% oxygen in 5 min after resting
    iii. Careful/slow walking
    Was: Oxygen would deplete to 85%, pulse increase to 105+ bpm.
    Today: Oxygen hovers around 90%, pulse increased to 95/99 bpm
    d. Have had oxygen levels as high as 95-97 when resting
    e. Deep breaths still feel tightness or waterlogged.
  3. Pulse or Heartbeats Per Minute
    a. Noticed that resting pulse has remained elevated in recent days
    b. Also noticed that pulse is slower to recover after resting
    c. Reference chart from Fitbit
    d. Seems to be recovering as of today
  4. Fever / Night sweats, minimal sore throat
    a. Not every night but several nights in past week. Last Saturday night measured at 102 temp at 1am.
    b. Tested Negative of COVID on Monday, 12/7
  5. Activity
    a. Have tried modest increase in activity, cooked several meals, taking it slow.
    b. Did a bit more walking around the house.
    c. Started doing a little more work, but backed off because of concerns on increased pulse and stresses (quickly getting pulled back into work and started feeling pretty stressed)
  6. Questions
    a. Should I be concerned over increased pulse?
    b. Should I be concerned over occasional fever / night sweats?
    c. Am I still contagious? Reference negative COVID-19 test on Monday 12/7
    d. Should I continue modest increase activity? How much activity makes sense?
    e. Should I seek out repertory therapy?
    f. How much office work can I do per day? I don’t want to over-burden myself with sit-down and stressful work until it makes sense.
    g. Should I consider seeing a pulmonary cardiologist
    h. What is plan for completing insurance paperwork dropped off last week?

Data from Fitbit:

Activity in last four weeks (UNDER 2000 STEPS PER DAY):

Average Weekly Steps Last Three Months:

Resting Hear Rate over last three months (October = pre-COVID, COVID started around 11/3)

Pre-COVID Exercise (walking) – BASELINE