July Update (07/15/2014)

20140715 CEA ClipMonitoring Update…

July 7 has come and passed and unfortunately my test has detected yet another increase in CEA level. The July 7 test shows CEA climbing from 2.0 to 3.0.

3.0 is still within normal range (0 to 3) however, two increases likely constitutes a trend. We are now officially concerned that this may be the beginning of a new metastasis – e.g. new tumor(s). Keep in mind that my CEA has been as high as 40 in the past so an upward trend to 3.0 may not be good but I have survived worse.

I will undergo three different scans in early August, including a CT, MRI, and PET scan. We will review the results of these scans with the doctor on Thursday, August 14.

What we are hoping for is:

  • Best case scenario: CEA drops and scans are all clear – E.g. no evidence of disease.
  • Second best scenario: If there is cancer we hope it will be isolated, detected via the scans, and be easily removed via surgery.

We won’t talk about other scenarios for now. Instead we will focus on praying for one of the above.

Until then your prayers are very much appreciated.

Love to you all!