CEA History


4 Comments on “CEA History”

  1. Nazani says:

    Hi dear friend
    Do you have any email for contacting with you?
    We have a grade 4 patient like you and i want to ask you some questions about your curing.
    We are in stress level, and we need your aids a lot.
    Plz answer me as soon as possible

  2. Dennis Ruscki says:

    2017 Colon Cancer 3c returned in lungs April 2019 not operatable in treatment with 5fu/irinacan/Avastin making progress since treatment started in August with clearer CT scan and cea drop from 16.5 to 4.8 . Your story is encouraging and I also am a Christian God Bless

  3. Elisha Baird says:

    Currently battling Stage 4 Colon cancer, this blog is so encouraging!

  4. Linda Bingham says:

    My husband aged 58 had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He also has been battling early onset Parkinson’s. He is amazing. Trying to research as much as I can about this Cancer. Could you tell me the regime for treatment you went through initially.Need to get a picture on what’s available.
    Many thanks and blessings

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