03/21/2014 Update

PrayerWe went to see Dr. Krauss and Dr. Knol yesterday to address three topics. 1) CEA level, 2) Chemo, and 3) Surgery recovery status.

We arrived at 7:30am, fifteen minutes before the scheduled blood draw. The lab was very busy but managed to get me in and out in a short time. We then had to wait until 8:45am for my first appointment with Dr. Krauss.

Dr. Krauss was pretty much on time.  The first thing he reported is that the CEA results were not back.  He then explained that he would not recommend more chemotherapy at this time. If I am faced with a reoccurrence a year from now, he will consider using chemo again. However, the side-effects of the harsher chemo treatments he could consider using now do not out-way potential benefits. Therefore, we are NOT doing chemo in the near term.

The plan is to monitor my CEA level monthly and perform full scans every three months.  And pray that the cancer stays away. He checked a couple more times and the CEA results were still not in. We thanked Dr. Krauss for his time and proceeded to the check-out area.

While in check-out Dr. Krauss came out with a smile on his face and reported the good news.  The CEA results just came in and my CEA was under 1.

We then had to wait until 11am for the appointment with Dr. Knol (my surgeon). Dr. Knol reviewed the incision and did his usual pushing and poking on my abdomen. He was pleased with the healing and closed my case; telling me he didn’t want to see me anymore. 

So the answers we were praying for were received… CEA is low (no sign of cancer), no chemo needed for now, and surgery recovery was excellent. Praise be to God. Thank you Jesus.

The next CEA test will be on April 10.  The next scans will be May 1.

Thank all of you for your continued prayers and support. God is good.

Love and Light to you all today.