One Year Treatment Free!

Today marks the one-year-anniversary since my last chemotherapy treatment for cancer. On 2/25 last year I received my last Erbitux treatment. Thanks be to God I continue to be smiling-jesuscancer free (or NED as the cancer survivors call it — No Evidence of Disease).

I went in for a CEA test and scans last Thursday morning. All the results are in and once again, all good news. The CEA test (the blood marker for colon cancer) continues to be under 1.0 and scans continue to show no evidence of metastasis!

The contrast injection for the CT scan proved again to be a challenge for me. I honestly don’t know how I managed all those other scans without getting sick. These last two scans were pretty rough. Even though I did take an anti-nausea medication this time it simply didn’t help. Hopefully we can figure this out before the next scans.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Your prayers lifted me up to our Lord and his mercy has brought me through this battle thus far. Words can not express how grateful I am!

May our good Lord look upon you today, may Love warm your heart, and Jesus’ smile guide your way.

God Bless and Keep You Forever!


Hey Friends,


Hello Friends,

Imagine how I felt when I learned that I’ve been encountering carcinogens two (sometimes three) times per day, everyday, for as long as I can remember. Well, lets say I was not happy.  And my first instinct is to make sure and share this newly gained knowledge with all of you…

One of the carcinogens is Titanium dioxide.  It is also commonly listed on the ingredients as E171.  There are other chemicals used in most toothpastes that are also considered dangerous.

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I’m going to pick up some new Toothpaste today.  Check out this site for a complete report on safe toothpastes.

Toothpaste Report and Scorecard


Also, as a friendly reminder – Colonoscopies can save your life!  A colonoscopy can prevent cancer. During this 15 minute procedure the doctor may encounter and remove precancerous polyps. And because more and more people (over 50) are getting colonoscopies, colon cancer is one of the few cancers that is trending down in people over 50. Very Important! If you are 50 or older, make sure to get this done.