Appreciating my time (04/20/2016 Update)

Time Keeps on Rolling

I just realized that my last post left an open question regarding scan results. My March 18 update reported CEA under 1.0 but did not include an update on the scans. So I’m reporting to you all now:

The scan results from 3/18 were “all clear.”

Furthermore I went in for another CEA test this past Monday, (on my way home from the airport). This week’s CEA test was “under 1.0” once again.

That means I remain “in remission” or NED (No Evidence of Disease).

It’s been nearly two months since my last infusion. And I’m starting to feel a lot better. I have more energy and stamina. I’ve also had some challenges dealing with vertigo / dizziness this spring. And I’m happy to report that this too seems to be dissipating. The rash from the infusions has cleared up quite quickly as well.

I have my Fitbit and I’m setting goals for increased activity and improved diet. It has been about one month since I last drank soda. And I’m feeling good about cutting the empty calorie sugar water out of my diet.

These past couple months have been very busy indeed. They say time passes quickly when we’re having fun. And I really have been having fun! Between work and home I’ve been engaged in a lot of fun activities. We’re working on some very challenging projects at work and home has been consumed with Sarah’s wedding in Boston (which took place this past Saturday).

This month has included four trips for Connie and me as well. I travelled to Missouri the first week of April for a business trip. We all travelled to Boston the second week of April for Sarah’s wedding. Connie is in North Carolina this week on a business trip (which means I’m running the household solo). And next week I’ll spend some time in Chicago for a business trip as well.

Whew. We’ll need to catch our breath soon.

Time really is rolling and I think this year will remain in high gear.

Alexis receives her bachelor’s degree this May. Bryce remains engaged in sports playing baseball on the JV team and playing for a travel team this summer. Our summer vacation will be here before we know it. Football season will keep Bryce busy. And Alexis’ wedding on October 1st will be yet another major event. That leaves us with the 2016 holiday season…

Yep. Time will continue to roll by quickly for us all.

As I reflected back on the years, while preparing for Sarah’s “father of the bride” speech, I realized I have a ton to be thankful about. Words cannot describe how very thankful I am for all the time I’ve had on this great earth.

Some of you may recall a previous posting I did a while ago about an angel I met on my way to Ann Arbor. This angel told me that time on this earth is truly a gift from God. He pointed out that time is one thing that’s impossible for us to gift to each other. Yes, we can spend time together and we do. But we can’t extend someone’s life even one minute. He also pointed out that the expression “borrowed time” was somewhat an oxymoron. Only God can gift us time. And we can’t borrow it because we couldn’t pay it back.

And I’m so thankful for my time. For yesterday. And for today. Especially thankful given the seriousness of the disease I’ve battled.

I really have had a “wonderful life.” It seems like Sarah was just a baby girl dreaming about her wedding day not too long ago. And now she is all grown up, married, and doing so well. All my children are doing well. My family continues to grow. The blessings have been plentiful. And I couldn’t be any happier.

Thank you Jesus for the time we have. Thank you for guiding us day by day. For lighting our path and for keeping us safe. And for helping us up when we stumble and fall. Thank you Jesus for the time we have. This time is what you have made for us. Let us be glad and rejoice in it!

As usual. Thank you all for your continued prayers for a long remission!