Calling for Prayers

Bryce will undergo surgery today, Sunday 7/30 (started surgery at 2:00 pm), at Bronson Children’s Hospital in Kalamazoo. Your prayers for the medical team and for Bryce are requested.

As some of you know Bryce had a Spontaneous Primary Pneumothorax (collapsed lung), most likely occurring on Friday 7/21. Of course we contribute his “OK” performance in three baseball games over Friday and Saturday to the fact that he was playing with a “slight” handicap. Then again, a two RBI single and pitching for a couple outs was not really that bad. 😉

When he continued to complain of shortness of breath we (the bad parents) finally took him to prompt care in Marshall. Prompt care ordered an x-Ray and soon thereafter we were in an ambulance headed to Kalamazoo Children’s Hospital.

The good medical team at Bronson Children’s Hospital inserted a chest tube on Saturday 7/22 allowing his lung to reflate. They explained to us that in fifty percent of the cases the patient heals and no other treatment is required. He was discharged from the hospital with the hope of putting this behind us.

Unfortunately, on Saturday 7/29 we returned to the ER as Bryce was again feeling shortness of breath. The Pneumothorax recurred. Bryce was in the “other” fifty percent that required additional treatment. This condition is not uncommon and tends to occur in young adult males, tall and thin. In cases like his the patient has blebs (balloon like tissue) that usually forms on the top of the lung. This tissue can spontaneously pop causing the lung to loose air. The surgeon will remove the blebs and help the lung reattach itself to the pleura.

Bryce met with the surgeon today and Dr. Leinwand was impressed with Bryce’s research. Bryce read all about the Surgeon’s credentials and also discovered that he was recognized as a doctor that gives 110%, treating his patients as a fifth child.

Additionally, we learned that Dr. Leinwand was somewhat famous for singing to a patient. The patient posted a video of the singing doctor and it went viral.

We are happy that Bryce has a doctor who truly cares about his patients.

Please Pray with us that the Lord’s healing is delivered through Dr. Leinwand and the Bronson medical team. That Bryce is fully healed. That his pain is managed throughout this ordeal.

Your prayers are truly appreciated.

Love and Light to you all.