Treatment 6 (06/20/2013 Update)

Me in my straw hat


Hum. Sounds like a title of a song???

The rash is back and on the attack
It’s a bad look but what can I do
do nothing different?
and try to stay cool

Yes, the rash from the erbitux treatment has once again shown itself. And today is my second treatment since having the liver surgery.  The doctor said that he’s going to “beat me up” once again — meaning that I’m getting the erbitux as I type.  Yes, these treatments are tough but totally endurable.

Of one thing I’m sure
I WILL endure
It’ll take more than a rash
before I miss the bash

The cycle for these treatments includes extreme fatigue. There is also nausea, dizziness, digestion challenges, and a lot of sleeping. And it seems to begin sometime today (during the treatment) and continue through Monday.

For I will not fear
Our hope is clear
to be cancer-free,
for a healthier me

Beginning on Tuesday I start to feel better…  and on Wednesday even better… and with each passing day the outlook improves…

At the end of the day
what a small price to pay

When this treatment succeeds I will become a member of an exclusive club! The Stage IV Colorectal Cancer Survivors! IT IS POSSIBLE to beat the odds. And with the Lord as my partner that is exactly what I expect to do.

While the stories are not as common as we would hope; there are survivors. A couple of Stage IV survivors are Senator Herman Cain and Dom Sitas.  Both Cain and Sitas were diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer and BOTH have lived to see long-term remission. They are cancer-free for over 5 years and counting. They are alive and well today with no evidence of disease (NED).

But one thing is for sure. You are only granted a membership to this exclusive club from our Father above. So keep me in your prayers.

What is the Truth?
The Lord is the way!
And so I pray today!

Lord, we thank you for the gift of today. Guide us Lord, to become the good servants you call us to be. Keep us close and protect us from all evil.  Let your Love and Joy overflow in our hearts; so that we can’t help but share these divine gifts with our brothers and sisters here on this great earth.  Bring us healing and give us the power to choose and to do your will today and every day. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

A Time to Blog (06/06/2013 Update)

Chemo Treatment 5

Today started early.  We left the house at 5:30am.  Sipping a coffee as we drove I wondered about the last year and about what lies ahead. Today I restart chemo.  My last treatment was 84 days ago (WOW – almost 3 months ago). I arrived at U of M Health System at 7am. I certainly have enjoyed this break from chemo. And I know that these remaining treatments offer the possibility that I might achieve a full remission.  And so here we are, hoping and praying for the best.

The blood draw and port hook-up was completed by 7:30am.  The sights, sounds, and smells were all too familiar.  Next stop is the infusion area.

We had to wait a little while before being called into the infusion room.  I guess they had to wait for blood test results before going forward with the treatment.  I’m now hooked up and hope to complete the treatment around 2pm today.

I’m hoping that the Erbitux is more tolerable than the first treatment.  But if the rash does reappear – well, I suppose that’s a small price to pay for the possibility of a full remission.

Colon Cancer 5k Walk/Run

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 5k Walk/Run on 6/1.  I was surprised and proud that so many of my friends and family joined me in this effort.  I am very lucky to have you all with me in this war. Please know that each one of you are special to me and having you ALL join together in this event warmed my heart and soul more than I am capable of expressing.  You are in my heart!

Special thanks to Sarah and Matt for coming all the way from Boston to join us.  I appreciate the weekend we had together and I’m looking forward to our next visit!

Big THANK YOU to Colette and Alexis — you did an awesome job organizing the 5k Walk/Run.  And I am very grateful for your hard work on this!

Another aspect of this walk that I’m very proud of is that we helped our community raise money for a very important cause.  Raising awareness is a critical component in the war against colon cancer.  The fact is that this cancer is preventable in many cases!  Having a colonoscopy can reduce the risk of a late-stage colorectal cancer by over 70%.  So please, if you are 50 (or over) get a colonoscopy soon!

I pray that all of my friends and family are blessed both here on this good earth and in heaven.

God is good!



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