Orchiectomy Surgery (11/1/11)

Good News!

The orchiectomy surgery went well. Heck, it was more than well. The pathology report was complete. I had the least aggressive type of testicular cancer someone can get.  It was classified as a pure seminoma, stage 1. And that’s only an “R” and “L” away from semi-normal. That meant I really didn’t need to do anything else at all; except watch and see if it ever comes back.  Just to be safe and, going along with recommendations of the good doctors, I went ahead and had radiation therapy to kill off any cancer cells that may be in the lymph nodes connected to the right testicle. Twenty two treatments, a little nausea, a little fatigue and I’m done!  Odds are with me (85%) that this cancer is behind me and I can get on with life. Whew, this was a close call.  But luckily I’ve come out of this (hopefully) with minimal impact.

Can Cancer be beat this easily?  Wow, this was pretty amazing. I didn’t even miss an entire day of work. Even my surgery was done on an outpatient basis and I was home in time to work in the afternoon (until the mediation wore off). Who thought you could have cancer and never skip a beat?

Now only thing we need to do is watch (close surveillance as the doctors put it).

Next tests and scan is scheduled for 2/1/2012.

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