Welcome to my blog

I apologize to anyone reading this blog in advance, for I am not really a blogger… I don’t really know what a good blogger is or what a skilled blogger does, so I will likely make a few mistakes as I stumble about using blogging media to tell you my story.  And for this I apologize…

The purpose of this blog is to share my fight against cancer with my family, friends, and colleagues. In addition to providing updates on the facts, I also will share my thoughts and emotions. So, if you indulge me in this venting, I am sure it will help me in this fight.

I hope that this blog will bring together all the people praying for me, gather us together in a virtual space. Wherever two or more are gathered together the LORD is present!

Anyone who is interested in following this story can follow along.  My initial posts will cover past time, and as soon as I catch up to today, I will continue to post real time, as life unfolds.

I hope my story may benefit others somehow; although I confess that I’m not sure exactly how.  Perhaps it may inspire someone to follow-up on a symptom and catch a problem sooner than they might have on their own?  Perhaps it will help someone gain insight into a fight for cancer and allow them to be a better supporter or friend.  In any event, I am looking for your help in shaping up this blog so it accomplishes this goal…  Please post your comments…

Of course, I don’t know the end of my story at this point, but I will start by writing the END anyway. So sorry to ruin the story but this story will end as follows.

By the Grace of God and the skilled hands of many doctors and surgeons, Philip is now NED (No Evidence of Disease) for five years, six years, seven, ten, fifteen…

I believe that our living LORD has the power to heal, and healing me or anyone from cancer would take but a blink of an eye. And if it is the LORD’s will, than the cancer that I’m facing will be defeated and I will live to serve the LORD for many more years on this earth. And if the LORD’s will is for me to come home to him, than I will go to serve and praise the LORD as his servant for eternity. Either way, we will ALL be alright.

So, the start of this story begins with the following prayer.

Jesus, no matter what, I pray that you give me the wisdom to know your will, the courage to choose your way, and the strength to serve you as you wish. Amen

2 Comments on “Welcome to my blog”

  1. Cathy Duncan says:

    Great idea Phil!!! I can’t wait to read your Blog and keep us informed. Living so far away I am hoping Scott and I can follow your journey with you on your blog and in Prayers.

  2. joanne Clancy says:

    Our prayers our with you. I think your blog great idea. We love You and your family !!

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