Colon Resection Surgery (5/11/12)

5/11 came and the colon resection surgery was successful.  A small portion of the colon was removed with clear margins and the remaining colon was reattached successfully.   The epidural the anesthesiologist ordered was also successful.  I felt very little pain in my abdomen and since it was a local anesthesia my head was clear. My abdomen and legs were numbed by this anesthesia but that was worth it given the pain that was being managed.

I was released from the hospital on Tuesday at 5 p.m. Most of my time in the hospital was fairly pain-free (thanks to the epidural); however, I did endure pain as they took out tubes and my body had to transition off the epidural and start to function again.  The good news is that I was able to walk and work through the pain and make it home a day earlier than the predicted hospital stay.

Okay, the cancer was removed and now more waiting. I had to wait for the pathology report to see how far the cancer had grown.

Recovery time at home was spent walking and sleeping and seemed to pass very quickly.

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