Treatment 6 of 12 (9/6/2012)

half way done with chemo!!!

As you may have read in my previous post, I requested prayers for my 3rd cousin from Tennessee — 16 years old Taylor Filorimo (Tay). Tay battled Renal Cell Carcinoma for three years.  Tay passed away yesterday at 12:54pm. She was at peace and was surrounded by family and Love.

While I never met Tay personally, I did a lot of Praying for her over these past months and I spent time learning about her from her Facebook postings.  I felt a connection with her given that we are both cancer victims and that we are family.  Tay has endured a lot during her fight. Like any cancer patient Tay spent a lot of time in the children’s cancer center. Unlike most cancer patients a significant portion of this time was spent visiting and Loving the other children. She had a huge heart and opened it up to all the other children fighting this ugly disease. And she Loved to Love them every chance she had.

While I am saddened by Tay’s passing I am greatful that she is not suffering and is now in heaven with our LORD.  Please join me in praying for Tay’s family — that they will find peace and Love during this sad time.

This treatment marks the half-way point for chemo for me.  I’ve been lucky managing the side-effects and lucky to rebound from the treatments in a relative short time.  And the side-effects have not been too debilitating! I will spend this weekend sleeping and resting and hopefully make it back to being productive on Monday. And then feeling a little better with each passing day up to the Treatment 7 of 12.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

God Bless Tay’s family and friends.

Shes A Hero (MP3)  — Tay’s Song!!!

6 Comments on “Treatment 6 of 12 (9/6/2012)”

  1. Pat Barczewski says:

    Hi Phil, I am saddened by your loss…My prayers are with Tays family. Half way though the treatments is a good thing.. You are in my prayers daily…my thoughts are always of you and and your family. I have much faith in the Lord. I do believe he only gives us challenges that he knows we can handle…you are handling them well….I love you and hope to see you soon..planning on making a trip to Grand rapids near the end of Oct for Breckens surgery and was hoping we could meet and catch up….Pat

  2. Linda Sult says:

    God bless you as you continue your journey. Your wonderful smile and attitude is such a blessing to others. I will pray for Tay’s family that they will find peace during this difficult time. Tay is certainly in a better place.

    I am so glad that you have your wonderful family around you during this time. God knows just what we need, exactly when we need it. Stay strong dear friend.

  3. jillinois says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Taylor’s death. But thank you for sharing her with us- she sounds like she was an amazing kid, with strength beyond her years. I’m glad your chemo isn’t too horrible in the side effect department.

  4. Little Brother, Geo says:

    Thanks for calling me and letting me know about Tay’s passing. Have a good rest this weekend. I was tempted to come out and secretly polyurithan your porch for you while you rested, but I have to house hunt. Talk to you soon and I’m aiming at next weekend.

  5. Sarah says:

    I am also sorry to hear about Tay’s passing. I find her to be truly inspiring in the way she chose to spend her time at the hospital. Her positivity throughout her struggle with cancer reminds me that my own challenges are always surmountable.

    I am very happy to hear that you are halfway through with chemo treatments. I’m also very inspired by your strength and courage thus far. Know that I think of you and the family everyday! Love you always.

  6. Lynne Corbus says:

    Hi Phil, Like everyone else, I’m so sorry to learn of Tay’s passing. It sounds like she was an amazing young lady.
    I am glad to know that you’ve made it through the halfway point with your chemo treatments. And to know that you’ve avoided extensive side effects is a blessing.
    I want to send a card to your house. Can you send me a private message with your correct address? Thanks.

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