Dr. Visit (01/03/2013)

Scans are Clear but CEA continues to climb…

Today we went in for a doctor visit to review the results from the chest, abdomen, and pelvis CT scan (done on Sunday December 30).  The good news is that the scan shows all clear.  The bad news is that today’s CEA level jumped up from 19 (test from 12/13) to 40 (test done this morning).
20130103 CEA Level

Given the rising CEA the doctor wants to do more tests to see if he can find the source of the rising CEA (tumors?).  So now I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy (1/7), PET scan (1/15), and MRI (1/15).  I’ll receive a CEA test on Thursday 1/17 as well as meet with the doctor to review the results of these additional round of tests.

The lesson I’m learning from all these tests is to live life one day at a time,   And most importantly, resist fretting or worrying and to simply Trust in God.

Holidy Update:

Connie and I were lucky to enjoy a nice break from work over the holidays.  And Sarah came home for the holidays as well. And we all did a few things over the holidays as well, living life one day at a time!

On Saturay 12/22 were all attended the Scamihorn Family Christmas (Thank You Mary and Jim for hosting us all).  My entire family was present! The first picture below are of me, my brother and four sisters.  The second picture is of our entire family (a rare time where we are all together).

Scamihorn Family Christmas in Detroit

On Sunday 12/23 we attended the candle light Christmas services at First Wes in Battle Creek. The music and homily were exceptional! Christmas Eve was a quiet evening at home. Christmas day was a good day with presents, a delicious breakfast, and a day of games, movies, and family fun. On the day after Christmas we all went to Kalamazoo for a family photo session (in the snow as it turned out).  After two hours of photo’s we went to Burdicks and enjoyed a delicious family dinner. I am excited to see all the different pictures (hopefully we’ll see them soon).

Motor City BrewerySarah’s flight home was on 1/30. Good news, her flights were on time this year! Several of us gathered at the Motor City Brewery to have lunch with her before dropping her off for her return flight to Boston.

On Friday 12/29 25 of us (friends and family) went to a K-wings hockey game!  We got to see and touch the Stanley Cup as an extra treat!

Towards the end of the holidays, in time for going back to work, I ended up with the head cold that is going around.  I think the worst of it is behind me now.

Your continued prayers are welcomed and appreciated!

And know that I continue to pray for all of you as well!

Love to all of you as we begin this new year!



Stanley Cup

6 Comments on “Dr. Visit (01/03/2013)”

  1. Terry Swanson says:

    Life’s lessons are certainly hard sometimes, I admire your commitment to Live One Day at a Time and to Trust in God. At our house we also like to say, Let Go, Let God. We keep you and the family in our prayers.

  2. pam and dave austin says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Krea Gregory says:

    Phil: Thanks for sharing about this segment of your journey. It is good to see the family support that you have, and as you know, Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us. I continue to pray for you every day. One benefit of going through trials is that we learn more about Jesus.

  4. Little brother says:

    Big Brother, I really enjoyed helping take down the tree, hanging out, and the K-wings game. Looking forward to your B-Day coming up. Oh, foldout update: 3/4 id material, 12 to 18 inches, I’ve got an eye out for it; you can count on me.

  5. Linda Sult says:

    Phil, Thanks for continuing to share your progress. Especially your progress in your faith. One day at a time is all any of us really have. Really…only one moment at a time. God is always with us and as Krea said, Jesus Never leaves us or forsakes us. It was amazing that in my most painful moments before surgery, I was able to feel His closeness. I had so many praying for me. Prayer certainly helps. After being told I couldn’t possibly get into the pain clinic for a steroid shot for the pain, they called with a cancellation opening. It only helped for a short time, but it got me through until my surgery date.

    I’m so happy that you were able to spend some time with your entire family over the holidays.

    I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers! Keep up the positive thoughts!!!

  6. Mary Salens says:

    I wish I had logged on sooner so I could be there for the colonoscopy. Hope it’s not too gruesome…I know the prep is ugly. Perhaps we can find a diet focused on eating fresh/raw foods that may help your body build back up after the chemo and medications and surgeries. Fresh veggies couldn’t hurt either of us. Love you much and will talk with you in a minute. BIG sis.

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