Faith, Hope, and Love (02/20/2013 update revisited)

All, I just re-read this blog and the comments (at the encouragement of a friend). Br far this blog and comments is the most interesting of all.
In my 4/26/13 update I talk about three other smaller tumers that may or may not have been prestent in my liver… And the bottom line is that I ended up having a successful liver resection after having been declared inoperable. Modern medicine miracle? Or just plain miracle? Well I believe that our Lord is at work. And I THANK YOU all for the countless prayers you have petitioned on my behalf.

Day two of this final treatment 12 of 12 is going good. Thank you Lord for another day on this beautiful Earth.

God be with you all on this beautiful Friday.


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Faith, Hope, LoveI was doing a little research and found some interesting info on Faith, Hope, and Love.  In the last blog update I raised the question “What is the difference between Faith, Hope, and Love?”  It seems like this question was contemplated quite some time ago by Martin Luther (who lived from 1483 to 1546). I found an article referencing Luther’s teaching on this subject. The summary of this article is as follows.

Essentially Faith is the truth that we hold in our heart and mind. Hope rises in the will, in response to tribulation. Faith anchors us and hope is our guide through despair or tribulation. I thought the statement “By faith we begin, by hope we continue…” is very profound.

So, with this I examine how faith and hope applies to me.

My Faith includes my core beliefs as a Christian. I believe in the holy trinity (Father, Son…

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2 Comments on “Faith, Hope, and Love (02/20/2013 update revisited)”

  1. says:

    Thank God for you!  

    Dear Lord bless all those who have suffered. Bless us  with hope. Strengthen our faith.  Fill our hearts, minds and souls with your love.  Help us  to act according to your will.

    Love you dear brother.  We were going to Diane and Andy’s wedding.  I know this is your down weekend.  Let us know if you are up for a visit.  If not, then we will visit when you feel better.  Hugs to you and all.

  2. Krea Gregory says:

    Phil: It is great to read your blog and to travel this journey with you. I’m praying that the LORD will completely heal you and continue to use you to tell others about His great love!

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