Scan Results (10/24/13 Update)

90% Positive News

The CT and MRI scans were all clear. CEA continues to be <1 (under 1). However the PET scan shows sugar uptake near the rectum (area near where the colon resection surgery was done).  The last PET scan also showed uptake in that same area as well.  At that time the doctors were focused on the liver tumors which were more a concern and thought the uptake was related to the surgery.

The PET scan uptake could be from post surgery healing or it may be another cancerous growth.  I will receive an ultrasound test (Endoscopic Ultrasonography or EUS) on Halloween, Thursday October 31 (the two year anniversary of my original diagnosis). We are praying that the ultrasound (and possible biopsy) rules out cancer. If it does turn out to be cancer I will require another surgery.

Praise be to God!

This is the day The Lord has made; Let us be glad and rejoice in it!

As usual Thank You for your continued prayers and your kind words of support.


Go Boston Red Sox!


2 Comments on “Scan Results (10/24/13 Update)”

  1. Krea Gregory says:

    Phil: Thanks for the update! I’ll pray with you that it is NOT cancer. We know that the LORD is always in control and knows everything. He just reveals things to us as we need to know.

  2. says:

    Hugs and more hugs….you guys have been through so much in the past two years I pray it will be all worth while and over for you both very soon. Enough already with this stupid cancer. Then you can focus on just living, loving, and enjoying. Love ya, BFF

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