Ultrasound Results (11/01/2013 Update)

All Saints DayUpdate

Yesterday I went in for the ultrasound.  This test confirmed a mass in the location where the uptake was detected on the PET scan. A biopsy was done and results from the biopsy will be reviewed with my oncologist on Monday.  The mass could be a recurrence of the colon cancer or it could be an adenoma granulation tissue (not cancer).  The biopsy will let us know which it is. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Today is new day; And a new month

Thank you Lord for the countless blessings you bestow on us!

 Let us sing “Praise to God” with all the Saints in Heaven! 

Love and Light to you all!


4 Comments on “Ultrasound Results (11/01/2013 Update)”

  1. marysalens@comcast.net says:

    when I click read more of this post …it’s blank???

  2. tlodden01 says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers

  3. Colette says:

    Positive prayers and thoughts will be on continues loop this weekend for good, benign results!! Thank you for keeping us updated. We love you guys ❤

  4. Little brother says:

    I picture Lieutenant Dan, strapped to the top of the mast of the ship in the throws of the raging storm saying to God, “Is this the best you got…” For sure you’re in a storm, and for sure you are talking to God, (as we all are), and for sure you are confident with God you will get through it and He will bring you out of the storm. If you weren’t busy tomorrow I’d be over for a visit. Maybe next weekend.

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