Father’s Day

Me and Dad

Today is father’s day…

Not unlike many of you all, I couldn’t help but think about my father today… I have written some posts in the past about how wonderful my father was. He truly was the best father. I couldn’t imagine anyone being more loving and more kind than he.

As I mowed the lawn I remembered that one my father’s many dreams was to own a small farm. He loved the farm as he grew up on a farm and had countless stories about his childhood life.

I think the closest he ever came to realizing that dream was a trip to Livingston County where we looked at a small run down farm that was for sale. Thinking about it now, I don’t know if my father was really serious about buying that farm or not. But I do know he loved to dream and the trip was an opportunity to share that dream with all of his children.

That was something very special about my father. He was a dreamer. But he was also well grounded. He never failed to count ALL the many blessings in his life. And he never got too districted by his dreams that he didn’t remember to focus on the here and now as well.

So, as I mow my three acres. I too am counting my blessings and doing a little dreaming. Picture the big smile on my face as I remember my wonderful loving father… my tractor humming… as the oats and clover are cut and awaiting bailing. J

I love you Dad! Today and Every Day, Forever More.

One Comment on “Father’s Day”

  1. George Scamihorn says:

    Love how well you capture your thoughts and feelings, and can relate, cause I picture Dad at times and recall his love and kindness to all of us and so many he adopted from church or the neighborhood

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